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Patty speaks passionately and has a unique way of connecting with her audience through common threads of human experience. Covering a variety of current topics, Patty communicates a fresh perspective - for business, for health care, and spirit-based organizations and events.

Any of the speeches from Patty may be modified to fit any area of business, industry, or services.

Spirituality in the Workplace
One of the most current topics for business, providing guidance for the employees in our ever-changing social and spiritual climate within a company or corporation.  Spirituality in the Workplace provides two options - as a standard length speech, or as a speech with an interactive aspect.

Patty appeared on Voices of Women with host Kris Steinnes on on January 8th, 2016.
Kris Steinnes is the founder of Women of Wisdom discussed aspects of Patty’s seminar, Leading With Spirit.
The show was recorded, so if you missed it, you can listen any time via the link above.

"Patty is a unique, fearless, memorable speaker. With great finesse and style, she uses storytelling and humour to communicate clearly and powerfully. The “wow” factor is in her authenticity and realness.
I always leave feeling inspired and uplifted after one of Patty’s talks."

– Marisa, thefoxguides, Toronto, Canada

The Dance of Human and Spirit
This speech focuses on spiritually based organizations and events. Explore the pushing and pulling we do between our spiritual self and our human self. Learn how to balance these two important aspects of Self.

Leading With Heart
As our world broadens in social consciousness & responsibility, leaders have a need to align with a more feeling or "heart based" focus of support. Learn how to lead others to their maximum creativity and performance through passion.


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